Cityscape Photo Essay: Favorite Buildings in Downtown Seoul


A Seoul cityscape photo essay of some of my favorite buildings in downtown Seoul in February 2011.

Insadong, Seoul, South Korea

This charming little street can be found just at the entrance to Seoul’s cultural district, Insadong. It’s about a ten-minute walk from Gyeongbok Palace.

Seoul, South Korea - Gyeongbok Palace

This photo was taken at one of my favorite places in Seoul, Gyeongbok Palace. I like coming here to spend time wandering the grounds, but I especially love people watching here. This was my first time touring the complex during the winter but the brilliant blue sky and leafless trees made for a great backdrop for this series.

Seoul, South Korea-1736

Seoul, South Korea-1728

Jongno Tower is a 33-story office building in downtown Seoul which is famous for its view of Jongno and its surrounding areas. The tower is located directly across from Insadong-gil, a famous street in Seoul that is popular for its traditional architecture, souvenir shops, art galleries and restaurants.

Seoul, South Korea-1735

Seoul, South Korea-1710

A busy day for traffic in downtown Seoul.

Seoul, South Korea-1731

Seoul, South Korea-1726

Seoul, South Korea-1742

I really liked the reflections in the side of the buildings.

Seoul, South Korea-1751

I came upon Seoul’s artificial river, Cheonggyecheon, which is located in the center of Seoul just as dusk was closing in. This photo was taken from the Dongmyo District Bridge.

Seoul, South Korea-1630

Seoul, South Korea-1632

Seoul, South Korea-1633

Carrie Kellenberger
Canadian expat Carrie Kellenberger has kept a home base with her husband in Asia since 2003. A prolific traveler, Carrie has funded her travels primarily as a writer, editor, travel blogger and photographer, but she has also worked as an educator, voice over artist, model and nightclub singer. She draws upon her 15+ years of travel experience to write about travel-related issues and the countries she has visited on her award-winning web site, My Several Worlds.

Her photography and travel articles have appeared in both print and online publications around the world, including Travel and Leisure Asia, Unearthing Asia and Hip Compass Escapes.
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