Milton’s Idyllic Buttermilk Falls Inn & Spa

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We recently discovered Buttermilk Falls Inn & Spa, a 1764 inn that combines all my favorite attributes: sustainable, historical, natural and luxurious. Located on a 75 acre Hudson River Estate in upstate New York, this elegant property only has ten guest rooms, making it both intimate and charming. And, nature surrounds the inn on all sides, making every view spectacular.

The above glorious views are from one of many outside tables where you can sit and have breakfast during the warmer months of the year. We were there in late June so the temperature was perfect for that morning cup of Joe outside.

Breakfast is set up on a buffet in a room on the main floor which connects to the lobby. Here, they offer a variety of croissants, muffins, and breads as well as Greek yoghurt, hard boiled eggs, cottage cheese, fresh fruit and jams. You can also order a hot breakfast, which changes every day depending on what they have on special, i.e., omelets, waffles, etc.

The Interior of the Inn is as old as it is authentic and when you walk down the hallways, you’ll find that the boards are uneven, reminding you of your grandparent’s home. It is sure to bring you down memory lane if you grew up in an old part of the world where historical buildings were more the order of the day than not.

The proprietors pay attention to detail, from the warm colors of the painted walls to the artwork and antique wooden furniture throughout. The rooms have gas burning fireplaces, shower or whirlpool tubs and views of their lush gardens or the Hudson River.

Throughout the property are eight carriage and guest houses as well if you are in need of more space or traveling with a family. (pets and kids are okay). There’s plenty of hiking trails, waterfall vistas and river views.

Above photo credit: Buttermilk Falls Inn

On-site, there’s the Millstone Farm and Animal Sanctuary and I’d recommend walking everywhere you can on the property to take it all in – it’s absolutely stunning. It took us around an hour or so to walk past the gardens, the pond, the wooded areas and the areas where they house their animals.

Animals & Nature Galore

What a beautiful peacock right? It’s only one of many marvels you’ll see when you walk around Buttermilk’s grounds. They have llamas on the premises, goats and chickens as well as other lovely birds to gaze at as well as ducks, fresh roses and other fresh flowers scattered throughout the trails and main walking areas.

        Buttermilk Falls Inn and Spa Flowers

The Spa

The spa is located right on site and is enclosed in an all glass building. The facility is eco-friendly with a solar powered dry sauna, a wonderful eucalyptus steam room (it actually worked – am always astounded how often this isn’t the case in luxury properties) and a geothermally heated endless indoor pool.

Above photo credit: Buttermilk Falls Inn

They use natural and plant-based products and some of the treatments, including ours, uses honey and lavender grown on the farm. They offer massages, facials, body treatments, and healing services and you can order a detoxifying juice in advance, something I wished we had done.

buttermilk inn and spa juiceAbove and below photo credits: Buttermilk Falls Inn

Buttermilk Spa concentrates on a green philosophy by only using products that are naturally crafted. In addition to honey and lavender, other things they grow are used in their products. Incorporated into their facials are items from their vegetable and berry garden, orchard and beehives.

Massages include a signature massage, the Falls massage (Swedish style), the deep tissue massage, the cellulite massage (bring it on), the Bamboo massage, a Shiatsu, reflexology, maternity and Hot Stone massage, which we love. We went for the Millstone Farm Massage largely because it uses fresh lavender from Buttermilk’s gardens.
They use warm towel compresses and oil infused with lavender throughout the treatment and they finish it off with a lavender oil scalp massage. It’s simply blissful and so relaxing.

Fine Dining

Buttermilk Falls Inn & Spa is also home to Henry’s at the Farm which offers a number of unique cocktails and farm-to-table fare in rustic but luxurious ambiance.
Henry’s at the Farm sources ingredients from local farms and artisan food producers and purveyors and they work with those who practice organic farming and humane animal husbandry. Cheese, meats and poultry come from nearby farms such as Coach Farm, Taliaferro Farms, John Fazio Farms and others.
The experience was top notch, from the service and the cocktails to the wine pairings and the entrees. We did a separate write-up on Henry’s together with another Milton restaurant that Buttermilk’s owner also owns, Red Room. See our review here.
Henry's at the Farm - Buttermilk Falls Inn


Buttermilk Falls Inn & Spa
220 N Road
Milton, NY 12547
Note: we were hosted by the inn but all opinions expressed are entirely my own.
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