Canada’s Bonnechere Caves is a Great Family Adventure

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Go deep underground and explore Bonnechere Caves, a world that’s as old as the earth itself.

Bonnechere Caves are located about two hours west of Ottawa, Ontario and feature some of the best preserved caves anywhere in Canada. But, there’s so much more. Not only can you venture deep into the caves but if you plan your visit in advance, you may also get the chance to dine and hear live music from inside the caves.

Bonnechere Caves

Credit: Bonnechere Caves

Also, the Fourth Chute Falls are right beside the Bonnechere Caves picnic area. There are trails along the falls so that people can walk and plenty of flat rocks to sit and walk on which makes it easy for photographers and painters to capture the beauty of the falls.
The largest Cephalopod Fossil resides inside the Bonnechere Caves. If you’re not familiar with Cephalopods, they’re related to modern squids and cuttlefish, which swam in the ancient seas. At times they were the dominant invertebrates and some reached several feet in length. In shape they ranged from straight-shelled species to ones elaborately curled and ornamented. When the fossil is broken open, their walls are often mistaken for the vertebrae of a fossil fish.

Bonnechere Caves

The Bonnechere Caves have been around for over 55 years. They provide a safe, educational, informative and fun tour, particularly for families.

Bonnechere Caves

Credit: Bonnechere Caves

Tourists for years have enjoyed the handiwork of Mother Nature along Ontario’s beautiful Bonnechere River nearby. Reservations are not necessary for tours apparently.

On the hottest summer days, the Caves are cool and you also take a walk along a beautiful trail that passes a sink hole. They suggest a sweater even if it’s hot outside.

Although not necessary, if you have a flashlight, they suggest bringing it along to get an extra close look at the walls and the fossils that are everywhere underground.

So put on a pair of comfy shoes, bring a jacket and a sense of adventure. This experience is perfect for everyone and one you won’t forget!


Bonnechere Caves
1247 Fourth Chute Rd, Eganville,
Ontario K0J 1T0, Canada
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