Art Cafe – Bar and Restaurant a Must See in Dalat, Vietnam


A visit to the Art Cafe bar and restaurant is a must when visiting Dalat, a lovely city located around 300 KM north of Ho Chi Mingh City.

Not only are you treated to fine dining and a selection of both Vietnamese and Western food, you also get to meet the owner and artist, Vo Trinh Bien, if you dine there evenings. Vo Trinh Bien’s framed very unique and colourful art and finger paintings adorns the walls of the cafe. He also has a gallery two doors away in the upper level of the Nam Viet hotel, so you can see his art there too.

I had the pleasure of meeting Vo Tringh Bien in his gallery after eating a delicious lunch @the Art Cafe. He told me that he works on his art from 8.00 – 4.30 pm, then spends valuable time with his family. Evenings, he works in the Art Cafe, which is frequented mainly by tourists.

Vo Tringh Bien has been painting professionally for over ten years and has exhibited his art in Hong Kong, Melbourne Australia and across Vietnam. The colourful art is done using syringes to distribute the paint across the canvass. Vo Tring Bien explained that he does the black and white paintings with his fingers.

During the evening @ the Art Cafe, he kindly showed me the process of doing the finger paintings. Then Vo Tringh Bien  presented me with my own original art work that he had just completed.
Enjoy the delicious meals – western and Vietnamese meals and Vo Tringh Bien’s art @ the Art Cafe Bar and Restaurant – opened for both lunch and dinner….70 Truong Cong Dinh Dalat.

Carole Ann Goldsmith
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