Armenia’s Haghpat Monastery Sits Against Rolling Hills

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haghpat armenia

Haghpat Monastery sits in glorious Armenian countryside in northern Armenia. Armenia has numerous monasteries so there are a ton to choose from but this one is special for many reasons, including its glorious views.

world heritage site haghpat

Inside the monastery.

haghpat monastery armenia

Haghpat Monastery Built dates back to approximately the year 976, however over the next 2 centuries other buildings were added to it to expand the area. The main building is known as the Surp Nishan, which is the oldest part of the structure. It’s a World Heritage Site but there is no entrance fee. Donations are welcomed and inside the main church is a small stall selling souvenirs.


haghpat monastery views

I loved the views from Haghpat. Remember to admire the scenery as well as the Monastery. Remember, there was a reason they chose to build it here! Below, Surp Nishan — the main church building in the middle. 

surp nishan haghpat

The main part of Haghpat seems to be Surp Nishan.

Surp Astvatsatsin. A smaller chapel inside Haghpat.

haghpat jonny blair

holes in floor haghpat

Unusual holes in the floor inside.

There is also the option to stay near Haghpat Monastery, a local family could arrange a homestay for sure, or there’s the Gayane B and B further down the hill. Most people do a day trip, but you can also take in Sanahin in the same region. If you’re in the Debed Canyon or northern Armenia, check Haghpat out!!


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