A Home in Thamel – Ambassador Garden Home Hotel


In the middle of the craziness of Thamel (the tourist district) I found this gem boutique hotel; a diamond in the ruff! What makes staying at the Ambassador Garden Home Hotel a unique experience is the staff. It feels as you are a member of their family. When my father and I arrived they served us tea and gave us a Tilak blessing. They sat and talked with us about where we were from, as well as educating us about the hotel and their family history. You immediately felt the warmth and passion of this boutique hotel; it felt like you were staying in a friend’s home.

Prime Location:
Thamel is one of the busiest places in Kathmandu; noisy, crowded, and dirty. However in the heart of Thamel is the Ambassador Garden Home located at one of the main intersections. It’s set back from the road and once you step into their ‘grounds’ you are immediately transported to a peaceful environment – a safe haven from the craziness of Kathmandu.

The rooms are modern and decorated with class. The whole hotel underwent a major renovation lately. They have infused cultural and family relics throughout the decor. The garden in the back is one of the highlights. Surrounded by a classic brick fence, you feel like it’s your little oasis. You can eat out in the garden or simply relax with a book with the fountain dribbling in the background. The garden is where the restaurant was located. It was small and inviting. Breakfast was included with our room; a great set of options to choose from with fresh fruit and eggs. I personally loved the french press coffee brought to the table! However one of my most memorable means in Nepal was served in this little garden. The dhal bhat plate was fabulous; a bunch of little bowls of dhal and curried veggies. Plus, they even served fresh homemade yogurt to go with the spicy curry.

What made this hotel one of my favorite stays in the world was the social atmosphere they created. They have melded the idea of a stuffy boutique hotel into a family hostel feel. The owners called you by first name and frequently joined you in the garden – assisting with any travel needs you had. When you arrived, they provided you with a personal welcome letter in your room introducing them, their family, and the history of the hotel. As a frequent solo traveler, I loved how they introduced you to other people staying at the hotel. The owner and manager came out at night and sat with guests in the garden; eating dinner with them. At night the whole garden erupted in a social gathering where travelers met and talked about their experiences in Nepal. The manager walked around introducing different sets of tourists creating this open communal feel.

I thought the rooms were well priced for quality of what you received. We paid aprox. $50USD for a double room which included breakfast, a never ending ‘take-what-you-want’ fruit basket, and wireless internet (even in the rooms!). If you stay for more than 2 nights, they will even send you on a free city tour. Sure, for Thamel and Nepal, this may seem expensive – but it was an exceptional value when taken the location, quality, and atmosphere.

Visit their website at Ambassador Garden Home Boutique Hotel you can book directly with them or use discount sites to find other deals.

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