5 Unusual & Weird Animals For Your Must Discover List

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I love wildlife and it’s one of the reasons I get so inspired by life itself when on a safari. Frankly, I miss having safari opportunities in my backyard like I did when I lived in South Africa. Having experienced bush life in a few countries in Southern Africa as well as Kenya and Tanzania, I’ve come across a few unusual animals in my time.

The Elephant Shrew

For example, how about the Elephant Shrew, which is a cross between a rodent and an elephant except that it’s small. The name is derived from the fact that the Elephant Shrew has a long trunk-like nose as well as unusually long legs that are disproportionate to the size of their bodies.

Photo credit: e Elephant Shrew – https://www.flickr.com/photos/gustible/9085402451

They’re amusing to watch as well since they hop around like a rabbit and while they are small and not so easy to see, you can find them in a variety of places throughout Africa.

The Pangolin

I’ve never seen a Pangolin however nature lovers I ran into (in the bush) brought them up, largely because I think they are apparently threatened to the point of extinction and sadly there’s only a few of them left in the world.

Pangolins have scaly bodies that are made up of keratin — yup, the same stuff our nails and hair is made up of, which is both unusual and interesting. Apparently the way they adapt and protect themselves is by rolling up in a ball.  They almost look pre-historic up close, but further away, they blend so well with the environment, you could easily mistake it for something else.

The Royal Flycatcher

How about this beauty? They call it the Royal Flycatcher.

Credit: Lifebuzz

They apparently build their nest on tree branches hanging over the water. Although I’ve never seen one, I have to say they seem to be as colorful and as exotic as the Quetzal, the bird everyone couldn’t stop talking about when I landed in Costa Rica. You know, how rare it was to see them? Bird lovers would head to Costa Rica just for the opportunity to see one and somehow I lucked out and saw one on my first hike and within the first hour.

The Ninja Lantern Shark

The Ninja Lantern Shark is an odd-looking creature found in the eastern Pacific Ocean off the coast of Panama and Costa Rica.

Ninja Lantern Shark
Photo credit: Victoria Vasquez, Moss Landing Marine Labs

The Pink Fairy Armadillo

Pink Fairy Armadillo

So much wow in this all things pink Fairy Armadillo which apparently is only found in Argentina. As odd as it looks, as odd as it functions, which is as a portable radiator, meaning it can cool down or heat up depending on the temperature of the soil it happens to be in at any given time. Pretty cool right?

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