5 Luxury Holiday Ideas You Must Experience

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Think about it — how long have you wanted to take a luxury vacation with your loved ones, or go on a romantic getaway that is unique and a bit off-the-beaten path?  There are some remarkable destinations on on this planet — isn’t it time you splurged?  Here is a round-up of 5 memorable holiday destinations for every occasion from Japan to Europe, all of which make an ideal luxury vacation. 

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The Dolce Vita, one of the luxury yachts from Goolets. Photo credit: Goolets

Charter a Private Yacht & Explore Over 1,200 Islands in Croatia 

Croatia is a European gem that has so much to offer. This small country has many fascinating hidden spots to explore and is popular even among A-list celebrities. If you want to avoid the crowds that busier and more renowned destinations in Europe come with, Croatia offers many luxury experiences, especially on the water. Many don’t realize that Croatia has a rather long gorgeous coast line and is a perfect coastal paradise, especially for a romantic getaway. It is also ideal for summer holidays with friends or family.  The Croatian coast boasts over 1,200 stunning islands, ancient towns, and peaceful and tranquil beaches, all of which are ideal for a relaxing holiday and many transformative experiences.

The best way to explore all the wonders of this country is by chartering a yacht (Goolets is highly recommended company for renting yachts in Croatia) that can take you on an adventure filled with glorious adventures, gourmet food, and beautiful hidden places few travelers have explored.


Above and below: pure luxury on board one of the luxury yachts you can rent. Photo credits: Goolets.

Even sleeping is a luxurious experience. Credit: Goolets

By traveling on the sea in comfort of a yacht, you get to experience the ultimate freedom and you’ll see the most of what coast offers in the shortest amount of time! Furthermore, all luxury yachts come with a crew that consists of a professional and experienced captain, private chef, hostesses, and sailors, that will provide you with high-end service and a luxurious time. It will be one of those memorable experiences that will last with you for a long time.

The coastal region also has a typical Mediterranean climate with warm summers and mild winters, so you can expect numerous sunny days with minimal chances of bad weather. It doesn’t get any better than this, does it? Stunning, right?

The Gorgeous Mediterranean. Credit: Goolets

Fly a Helicopter & Experience the Jet-Set Life of the French Riviera

From the chic beaches in Cannes to the magnetic jet-set life at Saint Tropez, the French Riviera is home to some of the most alluring holiday resorts in the world. The glittering coast of French Riviera greets thousands of visitors every year for high profile events. They include the Cannes Film, Monaco Grand Prix, Luxury Travel Market, and many others.

A view of Monaco.

For the most extravagant view of the beauties that lay here, you can go on a private helicopter tour. Booking a private helicopter will offer you privacy, security and a speedy ride between destinations too. For those who would like something easy-going, you can book unforgettable luxury wine tours or in Cannes, there are restaurants dotted along the beach and promenade that offer amazing food and views. With extraordinary setting, you can dine until late in the evening and later on, you can head to all the VIP locations, where DJs play the latest songs.

See the Northern lights in Iceland 

For anyone who loves winter luxury holidays, Reykjavik in Iceland is a great choice. There simply aren’t enough superlatives to express how beautiful this country is, regardless of what time of year you go. You can enjoy in jaw-dropping landscape perfect for all adventurous and nature lovers. Iceland is marvelous winter luxury destinations and a great choice for a honeymoon too. You can hike over glaciers, have dinner in volcano chambers and snorkel between tectonic plates. Exciting, breathtaking and different; Iceland is a top destination for many.  Another unique thing to experience is the Northern Lights, which is also known as the Aurora Borealis.

The Breathtaking Aurora Borealis

Traveling between November and March offers you the best chance of catching this natural phenomenon. You can go on a tour, rent expert guides who know the best spots to see sighting that beauty, plus you can get a photography tip or two. Later, you can enjoy luxurious bubbling thermal pools of the Blue Lagoon, spend the night in the luxurious country lodge, and perhaps end the day with a mouth-watering lobster feast at the cozy seafront restaurant.

Enjoy in a Mix of Modern & Traditional in Tokyo

Japan is becoming an increasingly popular tourist spot and it is catering to all the different markets including the higher-end one too. Japan truly is a country unlike any other, so you will surely fall in love with this place. Tokyo has an amazingly diverse landscape that will suit people who want to spend their time outdoors, while the urban areas have a fantastic vibe. There are many amazing places to stay that offer a luxurious experience, especially in the Roppongi area.

The hotels offer top-quality Japanese cuisine too, high-end accommodation and experience. You can also go on diverse tours, experience culture-rich neighborhoods, see local fashion, and catch glimpses of geisha in their kimonos. You can even try a kimono yourself.

Gardens at the luxurious Otani Hotel

For all nature lovers, there are vast forests, the beautiful countryside where you can find ultimate relaxation and become one with nature. An absolute recommendation is also hot spring onsens, where you can have luxury and ritual tradition in one. 

 Japan has some of the most luxurious and exclusive restaurants and spa retreats in the world. There’s such a high level of hospitality here — some of the luxury hotels or traditional Japanese Ryokans are a great way to experience old traditions and Japanese culture. 

Explore the Urban Jungle & Splurge in London 

Another great choice for an urban modern getaway in London! This thrilling town has an amazing history and offers a vibrant urban vibe and a cultural experience. The city is filled with parks perfect for relaxed sunny afternoons.  The best place to try street food and do something different is to become head to some of the markets which are dotted around town. If that is not your cup of tea, you can book a place at Michelin-starred restaurants and in the afternoon head to exciting attractions, museums, and galleries.

Just like in other bigger cities, there are many different hotels where you can enjoy a luxury vacation, and each offers almost every service imaginable. Shopping is also great in London due to the diversity, selections, and the incredibly interesting high street stores!


 Disclosure Note: Goolets is a partner and this is a sponsored post however we feel that this post is in alignment with the kind of holidays and trips our readers would be interested in taking.


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