12 Once-in-a-Lifetime Experiences for your Bucket List

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So, it’s time to head on a trip of a lifetime—a journey spanning continents, full of incredible experiences, ticking off one bucket list item after another. Or perhaps, it’s just the one place you’ve spent a lifetime dreaming of? Whatever makes up your dream trip, there’re so many incredible things to see and do in this world.

However, with such an abundance of options, it’s hard to know where to start. It would be an incredibly long and arduous task to include every destination in one post; we’ve narrowed it down to 12 experiences you need to include in your dream trip.

So dive in and get inspired.

See The Big 5

If this one isn’t on your bucket list, maybe it’s time to add it. For many, seeing the big five land mammals is the pinnacle of travel experiences.

Nothing beats being up-close and personal with some of Africa’s most iconic animals in a safari experience. Lions, elephants and rhinos are simply awe-inspiring in their natural habitat.

Countries such as South Africa, Namibia, Kenya and Tanzania are fantastic safari destinations and offer truly once-in-a-lifetime wildlife experiences.

Learn a New Language

Learning a new language and culture can be one of the most rewarding experiences you’ll likely have. Becoming fluent in a foreign language is nothing short of amazing. Living in a new part of the world where you don’t know the language can throw you out of your depth and give you a ‘real’ travel experience through complete cultural immersion.

Gaze The Northern Lights

Seeing the spectacular northern lights has long been on top of most people’s bucket lists, and for good reason. Viewing the Aurora Borealis is nothing less than spectacular and truly an unforgettable, life-changing experience.

The Northern Lights. Credit: Pixabay

If you’re lucky enough to see them, you’ll be rewarded with a spectacular light show and an appreciation for nature like no other. Some of the best destinations to view the northern lights include Alaska, Iceland, Norway, Sweden and Finland.

Luxury Caribbean Beach Holiday

What springs to mind when you imagine that picture-perfect beach holiday on some faraway tropical island? The Caribbean islands likely spring to mind, and when considering the islands are home to some of the world’s most beautiful paradisiacal beaches, who can blame you? Sitting on a white-sand beach or Curacao resort, sipping cocktails next to a bright blue ocean, it’s the perfect trip, right?

Sandals Grande Antiqua Beach. Credit: Sandals Resorts.

And there are so many incredible Caribbean islands: The Bahamas, Antigua, Barbados, St Lucia, and Curacao. 

Sandals South Coast Jamaica Swimming Pool. Credit: Sandals Resorts.

Bungee Jump

Nothing throws you out of your comfort zone, more than literally jumping out of it. Doing a bungee jump isn’t for everyone, but it provides an unforgettable yet terrifying life experience. There are some beautiful places where you can try a jump, from Queenstown, New Zealand (the home of bungee) to Bloukrans Bridge in South Africa.

Hike Kilimanjaro

Tanzania is an incredible country to visit, regardless of boosting Africa’s highest mountain. From some of the best wildlife experiences on the planet, the country also offers a unique experience in the 5-day hike it takes to reach Kilimanjaro’s summit. The hike will reward you with out-of-this-world views, and although it’s a challenge (and requires weeks of training), this experience is truly a once-in-a-lifetime hike you’ll never forget.

Visit The Land Down Under

Australia is one of the most diverse, unique, and spectacular countries on the planet, offering experiences and sights you won’t find anywhere else. Because of the country’s sheer size (or rather continent), there are a number of climates, and each state that makes up Australia should almost be considered a country on its own.

From checking out the native wildlife like kangaroos and koalas to some of the world’s best beaches and city life, you really can’t go wrong by including Australia in your once-in-a-lifetime trip. Check out the Great Barrier Reef and the Whitsunday Islands on the same journey. Both are nothing short of amazing.

Credit: Pixabay


Like bungee, jumping out of a plane will offer some of the most adrenaline-fuelled once-in-a-lifetime memories ever. You never forget jumping out of a plane, right? Add in spectacular views, and you have the makings for an unmissable life experience.

Check Out Bears In The Wild

Seeing bears or any wild animal in their natural habit is a must-do experience for any avid traveler. Getting close to these spectacular creatures will add a whole new meaning to being in the moment, and you’ll gain memories to last a lifetime. Countries such as Canada, The US (Alaska), and even Russia are fantastic places to visit. In the right areas, they almost guarantee seeing black and brown bears in their natural environment.

Bears at Churchill Wild in Canada. Credit: Renee Blodgett.

Go on a Euro Road Trip

If you’re from the US, Canada, or Australia, you’re probably not used to being able to visit multiple countries in a week or even the same day. In Europe, however, this is entirely normal.

Because of the continent’s relatively small land area, you can visit several different countries all on the same trip. All of which have entirely different languages, cultures, and places of interest. And who doesn’t want to check out France, Germany, and Italy all on the same day?

Most European countries, like the US, drive on the right-hand side of the road, and short distances between places make Europe an incredible road trip destination. Add in some history and spectacular views, and you have the makings for an unforgettable Euro road trip.

American National Parks

They say everything’s bigger in the US, and the national parks are no different. Visiting parks such as Yosemite, Yellowstone, and Joshua Tree genuinely are incredible and give you a genuine appreciation for nature like never before. It doesn’t matter if you’re a US native or from overseas; these Californian national parks are simply a must-do for any trip of a lifetime.

Visit Rio De Janeiro

Incomparable to anywhere in the world, Brazil’s most famous city really does have it all. From incredible beaches, rich culture, amazing nightlife, and killer views (not to mention the food), Rio has long been a bucket-list destination, and for good reason. Whether you’re relaxing on Ipanema beach, hiking Sugarloaf mountain, or checking out Cristo Redentor, you’ll never be stuck for things to do here.

A Once In a Lifetime Trip

So there we have it—twelve incredible experiences to include on your trip of a lifetime. If you need any assistance organizing your trip of a lifetime, please reach out; we’d love to help you.



Note: This is a partnership post in conjunction with Sandals Resorts. 

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