100 Fun Things To Do in Taiwan

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100 Fun Things to Do in Taiwan is a contest hosted by the Taiwan Tourism Bureau. The contest runs from January 1, 2011 to February 10, 2011.

To compete, contestants must submit 100 words on the topic 100 Fun Things to Do in Taiwan and upload between one and five photos. Regulations forbid contestants with Taiwanese citizenship or a Taiwanese passport for participating.

John and I have visited the Penghu Archipelago several times, and it is one of our favorite vacation spots in Taiwan. We love Penghu because every island offers a completely different experience. Here are a few things that we love about Penghu!

You can enjoy fresh seafood, shrimp fishing, windsurfing, beaches and historical treasures on Makung Island.

Fu Dog and Temple

Wangan Island has ancient Chinese-style stone houses, a charming village, stunning scenery, and it is the only place in Taiwan where green sea turtles come to lay their eggs. As such, this island is protected as a sea turtle conservatory.

Traditional Chinese-style Home

If water sports and empty, golden sand beaches are things that you adore, head to Jibei Island for some fun in the sun.

Jibei Beach

Bikini Island attracts snorkeling enthusiasts who come to explore the coral reefs which ring the island.

Penghu Beach Babe

Chimei Island has a number of stone weir fishing traps. Its rolling green hills, black sand beaches, and cliff tops offer some of the most picturesque panoramas in all of Taiwan.
Chimei Island

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