When You Come Across 2 Paths, Take the More Difficult One…

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Round 2. I’m heading back to northern Japan to help people following the Tsunami. I’m well rested, recovered, heard a few good pointers, and going back into the fight. This time I’m organizing things myself with a few friends. We’ve made good connections at 2nd Harvest Japan and Peace Boat. Reputable organizations that have established a strong presence regarding support for the shelters and locals. We arranged for our own trucks and drivers. Then received a long list items needed.

What’s interesting is that a lot of what’s on the list are tools, hardware, and clean up materials. With the warm weather and the flow food normalizing. People are focused on cleaning up and rebuilding. Well, I have a long day ahead in making preparations so my writing has to be brief. But I’m going back tomorrow morning and will stay for a few days. This time we’ll likely be either camping or sleeping right near the shelters and disaster area. What I can say is doing it yourself may be more difficult. But it’s well worth it as I feel I can exert and control more of the necessary focus on the objective of helping people. I’d like to spend as much time as possible doing the work rather than having meetings and waiting. There’s a Buddhist saying which I often like to reflect upon.

“When one comes upon 2 paths, take the more difficult one…”  Well, hear we go, let’s take in what we learn and give more than we receive.

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