When Cupcakes And Sushi Meet

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Sushi cupcakes. (Image: Kimmy MacDaniel)

I would never suggest putting a piece of raw fish on a cupcake. But when my friend Kimmy MacDaniel decided to pursue an entry in a cupcake baking competition, she found inspiration in the most unlikely of sources.

Starting with a much simpler idea she found on the Internet, she gathered together both real and look-a-like items of an Asian-cuisine-inspired meal. Takeout boxes, serving trays, Swedish fish candies — all became part of the creation. And the results are truly stunning.

Each takeout box is filled with cake, then covered in candies and icing “noodles” to simulate Chinese food takeout. The serving tray was then arranged with both negiri and roll-inspired sushi creations that, from a distance look like the real thing, but up close reveal different colored cake for the seaweed rolls and intricate layers of candies, icing and sprinkles.

Obviously she won the competition. Now I just wish she’d send me my own set so I can taste these mouth-watering concoctions!

Image: Kimmy MacDaniel














Image: Kimmy MacDaniel














Image: Kimmy MacDaniel














Image: Kimmy MacDaniel

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