Exploring Doha’s Central Fish Market

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Hawking prawns. (Image: R. Knorpp)

Why would any tourist ever visit a fish warehouse?

It’s a reasonable question to ask. Frankly, I don’t have much of an answer in a broad sense. But specifically for me, I was craving something real.

Qatar has a definite plan for growth. But the plan they are pursuing is about the realization of a fantasy world in which they can live and play. And after a day of “fantasy” tours, I wanted to see more of how the city truly worked.

At the invitation of Rebecca Jelfo, our Qatar Airways contact, I joined Marco Larsen (owner of Public PR who works with QA) and David Ressel (writing for The Daily Meal Blog) for an unusual tour of the Central Fish Market of Doha.

I could wax poetic about the many sights and sounds that came from seeing the non-native workers selling their fish, fruits and vegetables to Qatari business owners. But once more I’ll rely on my pictures to shape your vision of this place filled with so much human spirit.


We Blog The World featured writer, Bob Knorpp, traveled to Doha, Qatar on behalf of the site. These are his dispatches from the tour and dining event sponsored by Qatar Airways.


That’s a big fish. (Image: R. Knorpp)


Lobsters (Image: R. Knorpp)


Love these blues. (Image: R. Knorpp)


Yummy squid. (Image: R. Knorpp)


David Ressel does a stand-up. (Image: R. Knorpp)


Considering the fruit choices. (Image: R. Knorpp)


Rebecca Jelfo and Marco Larsen. (Image: R. Knorpp)


Workers hamming it up for the camera. (Image: R. Knorpp)


Taking a break. (Image: R. Knorpp)


Fresh fruit. (Image: R. Knorpp)


A find at the market. (Image: R. Knorpp)


Brilliant colors abound. (Image: R. Knorpp)


A towel to block the sun. (Image: R. Knorpp)


A photograph of the happiest guy in the market. (Image: R. Knorpp)


Hoping he’s making gingerbread. (Image: R. Knorpp)


Love this shot. (Image: R. Knorpp)

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