What Do Foreigners Think About Russia?

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Here we’d like to present you wonderful and interesting statistics about what people from other countries do know about Russia. Sounds interesting, isn’t it?

Tokyo, November 2008, the waiter in a sushi-bar. The Japanese, never been to Russia.
– Arshavin, big money, Abramovich, Putin, bad relationships with the US.

Tokyo, November 2009. Logistics company staff. Never been to Russia.
– Vodka, Cheburashka, very cold.

London, May 2010. Australian and Englishwoman, married couple, living in Australia.

He – never been to Russian, she has.
– Vodka, Red Square, culture.
– Cold, architecture, St. Petersburg.

London, May 2010. The Australian, lives in Australia. Never been to Russia.
– Vodka, lots of time zones, composers.

London, May 2010. The Englishman from London, works at FULLER’S brewery, is a partner of the company.
– Vodka, Putin, music.

Peru, Kusco, August 2008. Female-guide, Peruvian, never been to Russian, studied Russian in Italy.
– Big money, mafia, St. Petersburg, cold.

Russia. Rostov-on-Don. May 2010. Liu Chzhou Jan, 21. Chinese. Seven months in Russia. The student. Studies Russian.
– Beauty, lifestyle, attitude to foreigners, perfume, smoking and chocolate.

Venezuela, Margarita island. May 2010. Nostor, 32, Venezuelan. Seller of jewellery on the beach. Never been to Russia.
– Big, cold, Mafia.

Hong-Kong. May 2010. Beckay and Bee, working in a representative Russian company in Hong-Kong. Been to Russia.
Beckay (to the left):
– History, gap between the rich and the poor, vodka/caviare, sluggishness
Bee (to the right):
– Beautiful nature, reserved people.

Cannes, France. July 2010. The owner of the hotel “Esperanto”, the French with Polish roots, Denis Matlowski, his wife and younger daughter, never been to Russia.
– Red Square, beautiful women, vodka.

Croatia, Porech. August 2010. Croatian, the master at cutting out people’s profiles out of paper named Picasso Junior. Never been to Russia. Not only said, but showed what he thinks about Russia.
– Big country.

– Beautiful women.

– Strong and respected state.

Via English Russia.

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