We Blog the World Travel Photo Contest Winners Chosen!!

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As regular readers and followers of WBTW on Twitter know, we recently held a travel photo contest in March and announced 26 finalists out of over 200 submissions on March 26, 2012. Thanks again to all who participated in the contest, the first one hosted on our Facebook page. As a reminder, the collection of photos will be preserved on the webdoc where they were submitted, so feel free to check them out whenever you’d like and photos of the finalists can be found here.

Of the 26, we have alas, selected the top three winners.  Drum roll please….

Photo Contest Winner #1: Ishtiaq: Opal

Says Ishtiaq, “A jolly young girl sitting on a window. She was playing with her friends on a muddy road with rocks. She ran across the road and sat on the window as I passed by with my camera. The shy, happy glare in her eyes are still unforgettable.”
Photo Contest Winner #2: Mtess: Pokhara, Nepal  

Photo Contest Winner #3: The Travel Bunny: Namibia, Africa

The Dead Vlei, Sossusvlei, Namibia , the Travel Bunny says, “I was amazed to see that a bird had built a nest amid all the sand, dust and heat of the desert.”

Congratulations to the three winners and to our 26 finalists. Thanks again to our sponsors who provided the prizes for the winners. The first winner will receive points from the Hyatt Regency Chicago® which can be used GLOBALLY (details will be provided to the winner). The second prize winner will receive gift certificate to either The Cheesecake Factory® or P.F. Chang’s® and the third prize winner will receive a gift certificate for the restaurant winner #2 did not choose. Our contest would not have been possible without their contributions and support.

We’ll be in touch with the winners on the details of their prizes and hats off to ALL!! We’ll be hosting future contests, so keep your eyes and ears open so you can participate!!

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