Vail: The Sebastian For Old World, Modern Luxury & Elegance in a Bundle

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I prefer boutique hotels over the large chains, although sometimes there’s a value of being in a known entity you can trust when you need things to be reliable on business trips, like wifi. That said, given a choice, I love trying high-end boutique restaurants and resorts in known and unknown areas. Vail isn’t entirely unknown but it was my first exploration of the area on my recent mid-June trip. 

I was fortunate to experience The Sebastian, which is the heart of the Vail Village. Included within the hotel is the Bloom Spa, Frost Bar, and the Market for nibbles, where you can find cheeses, breads and handmade delicacies from local artisans paired with house-made specialties.

Their signature dining option is the Block 16 restaurant, which is well worth a stop. Sadly, we didn’t have time to review it on this trip.

When you first walk into the hotel, you’re greeted with The Library on the left just after reception, which is loaded with of warmth, style and elegance.  The lobby’s design had me at ‘go’ – modern elegance meets style and the western Rockies.

The rooms are personalized so you’ll never get bored if you want to make this  your go to Vail place for skiing; opt for a different color and layout each time you stay. I had a warm Victorian blue condo, which was plastered with vibrant and inviting art, fine touches, books, pottery, cushions, and a fireplace.





























Did I mention the very amusing book on How to be a Cowboy by Jim Arndt?























Bedrooms in the condos are similarily laid out but the color and style can change depending on which condo you have and obviously the views will differ depending on where you in the resort.









Below is a snapshot of the kitchen area: plenty of room if you’re here with a family.










Alas, the view from my room – below are some snapshots I took from my balcony.



































The view of the resort from the pool area at night:

Like so many Colorado resorts, they’re huge believers in eco-friendly building and living. Sustainability, preservation and low-impact design were priorities through all phases of development.

We LOVED this place and only wish we had more time to explore the resort in more depth, including time to take a look at its spa and Block 16 Restaurant. One thing to note for adults traveling without kids – they have three hot tubs outside surrounding the pool, which is a great feature. So often, hot tubs are full or have children playing in them during the day, so it’s nice to know that they offer a few for overflow, which increases your likelihood of a private, quiet soak day or night.

Also see my write up on The Charter, a great place to stay in condos in Beaver Creek, only 10-15 minutes away from Vail and my overview write-up on the Colorado resorts region. For more posts on Colorado, go to our Colorado page here.

Disclosure: My stay at The Sebastian was hosted but my opinions expressed here are entirely my own.

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