Umbrella Making in Salzburg, a Lost Art

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There aren’t any signs for this umbrella making shop in the heart of old Salzburg and we wouldn’t have known about it had it not been for our private guide, which is the only way you can visit the family behind old fashioned, traditional umbrella making – a lost art if you will…

In a small alleyway in Salzburg’s main shopping area, the shop of Andreas Kirchtag, a Schirmerzeuger, or umbrella maker is located in a space above another shop. It’s not easy to find, so if you’re interested, inquire with a guide to make sure it’s on the agenda you sign up for when planning your agenda. Their shop is located upstairs on the second floor which you access via a small elevator down a small alleyway.

We learn that Kirchtag’s family has been hand-making umbrellas for 100 years and after we explore the process and the high quality materials they use, I realize that I never want to own a cheap umbrella bought from some known or unknown market again.  Take a look at the myriad of wood choices you have to choose from, and that’s just the beginning….

The handles and selection process is more complex than you might imagine….

SO many choices, so much to discover……the newer ones even fold, so you can put them in a backpack or briefcase. OKAY mobile warriors, how cool is that?

You can choose your own material too which makes the process that much more fun.

All the tools were there too so you could see what it took to produce a handmade umbrella with the finest of materials.

I loved the energy of this place — had I stayed for longer and had time to think about what and how I wanted to commission a personalized umbrella, I likely would have taken the plunge.

Below is a video I shot on-site so you can get a more textured idea of my experience in Salzburg. Two thumbs up — authentic and beautiful at its core!

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