Traveling to France? Don’t Miss Annecy With Rhone Alps in the Distance


Annecy, France, AlpsAnnecy is a breathtakingly beautiful lake town with the Rhone Alps in the backdrop. The Annecy lake is a huge expanse of clear water that changes shades with the time of the day.

Like Paris, the sun doesn’t set here until 10 in the night in late spring & early summer.

A little distance from the lake is Annecy’s old town, an area of small pedestrian-only winding lanes alongside a canal, so quaint and so laid back that you immediately fall in love with the serene beauty.

Only frequented by French tourists from elsewhere in France, the new part of the town has undergone commercial renaissance with well known brands, but manages to retain its charming aura.
Night view of Lake Annecy.

Lake annecy, night, Alps

Like the locals at Annecy, we spent the majority of our time at cafes in the old town that serve up gastronomic food, alongside the canal and with unobstructed views of the Alps.

canal, Annacy, France

canal, Annecy, old town, Alps

Annecy, canal, old town

Annecy, cafe, Alps

Annecy was once a prison town, and the prison is now identified as a historical landmark. Surprisingly enough, this prison is remarkably beautiful in its location amid the canals.

Annecy, prison, old town, france

Annecy is ripe with every bit of gastronomia as Paris, if not more. Boulangeries, pattiseries & chocolateries are sprinkled all over the old town and what can I say, even for a vegetarian like me, they’re a piece of heaven. We stumbled upon a moving market stopping over at Annecy with trailer parks full of varieties of cheese, fruits and veggies that I couldn’t count or recognize, but that smelled so good, it was sure the key to all the gastronomia in the small town.

Annecy, market, France


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