The Wild Horses of Sable Island by Roberto Dutesco

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I accidentally came across a photography exhibit on Crosby Street in New York City while wandering through an alleyway a cop told me I should check out for good shots of architecture. It was the wild horses that brought me in. The photoworks of the current exhibit entitled The Wild Horses of Sable Island is by Roberto Dutesco.

The Wild Horses of Sable Island Mobile Project, aims to inspire tomorrow’s leaders in emerging and developing countries about the importance of natural habitats and conservation. Their goal is to establish a network of Sable Island Kindergartens where children will be introduced the incredible story of the Wild Horses of Sable Island, through film, photography and storytelling.

The philosophy is centered around beauty, which they say, “has the power to inspire, to teach and to drive action. Awareness through beauty is more than a philosophy, it is about taking concrete action to support conservation projects around the world and help protect the handful of sites that remain in a state of true wilderness.” I love it.

Apparently Sable Island is the only emergent part of the outer Continental Shelf of eastern North America, located around 200 km southeast of Nova Scotia in the Atlantic Ocean. Also known as the Graveyard of the Atlantic the island is the site of over 475 shipwrecks since the early seventeenth century.

Named after the island they inhabit, the island’s estimated 400 feral horses are the only mammals on Sable Island and live free from human interference, have no predators and know no fear.

In 1994, Roberto Dutesco began his film and photographic odyssey with the Wild Horses of Sable Island, capturing the images that have forever changed how many look at conservation efforts and the need to protect natural environments. His incredible 15 year journey was captured as a full length documentary entitled “Chasing Wild Horses”.


































It’s a must visit if you’re in New York City. In the meantime, check out their site and his work.

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