The Magic of Fuentes Georginas Hot Springs in Guatemala

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After a fun filled an exciting day at Xocomil, Guatemala’s largest water park, we camped for the night en route to the Mexico border (where we were headed to renew our Guatemalan tourist visas which are only good for 90 days.) As we drove home to Panajachel, we stopped over at Fuentes Georginas, an incredible set of hot springs outside of Xela (between Xela and Reu).

Fuentes Georginas - 01

The road turning off from the main highway leading to the hot springs is 8 km long, and a little bumpy, but the scenery was spectacular.

Fuentes Georginas - 03

Fuentes Georginas - 04  Fuentes Georginas - 02

Entrance to the park is Q50 for adults and Q15 for kids. I think they charge a little bit for parking as well. They have cabanas on site where you could stay the night, and they also allow overnight parking for overlanders. There are three separate hot springs. The first is by the entrance/driveway to the park. It is carved into the rock, with a trickle of (hot!) water which flows into it, leaving a green streak on the cliffs. It was nice.


But then we hiked down the sendero (path) to the ‘natural’ hot springs in the valley below. Since we’re up at a higher altitude, the sun was already getting low in the sky, and we were wet, it was quite a chilly little hike. Brrr!



This pool was near a river/waterfall and the setting was absolutely idyllic… something you dream about when you think of exotic travel. It felt so warm and cozy, especially after our frosty trek into the valley.


But the day was waning and we still needed to drive the 3 hours back to Panajachel… so we reluctantly left. Before going, we checked out the last pools — they were located at the ‘back’ of the park, past the cabanas, and next to a restaurant. It had changing rooms and bathrooms available, and was built in a traditional piscina (pool) style.

There were three pools to lounge in, each with varying degrees of heat. The first one (behind my boys in the picture below) was TOO hot, even for me (and I like my water hot). It was pretty much scalding, burn your foot off hot.

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