Take In Incredible Landscape Via Denmark’s Djursland

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Djursland is one of Denmark’s most beautiful areas, with wide open spaces and fresh sea air. There many reasons to tour to Djursland, and spend one or more days in one of Denmark’s nicest landscapes.

If you come from Aarhus, take the small roads along the coast to Rønde. At Rønde, turn off towards Kalø castle ruins, with the hills of Mols Bjerge forming a nice backdrop. This is where Djursland starts, and continues with small beautiful roads that meander through the countryside. There are many roads to choose from, but don’t be afraid to choose the wrong path, as all the roads are beautiful, no matter where you are in Mols Bjerge. You can choose to eat lunch outdoors on Helgenæs, or you can take a tour of Ebeltoft.


Ebeltoft is like a pearl at the bottom of Ebeltoft Vig. You can easily spend a few hours in Ebeltoft, exploring the good food which you’ll find in small eateries, scattered around the town. You can also find a few nice restaurants at the fishing port. After a good lunch, you have the opportunity to explore the local culture. Ebeltoft is known for its glass museum and world-class craftsmanship, and a lot of art galleries. Above all, you can visit the Frigate Jylland, a landmark for the town. The Frigate Jylland has a long, tumultuous and violent history, and you can get the full story at the museum, which is really exciting. The frigate and its museum allow you to feel the history, and there are probably many stories about the Frigate Jylland, which you don’t already know, so the old sailing ship is well worth a visit. It may well require a good beer and some calories after a cultural afternoon on the Frigate Jylland, but you’re in good hands; there are many fine inns and hotels in the area.

Spend a night or two in Djursland and discover Helgenæs and views over Aarhus Bay, Samsø and Tunø. If you have fishing rod, you have a good opportunity to catch a few fish at Sletterhage lighthouse. If water isn’t your thing, you can ride up to Trehøje in Mols Bjerge, and enjoy the views of Aarhus there. When you stand up there, looking out over the landscape, try to imagine how the Vikings once stood there and watched over the area. Remember your camera, there will be something to show the family when you get home. You can drive down from Trehøje through the small town Tokkerbo and get back out on the main road again, which leads you to either Ebeltoft or Grenaa.


On a tour of Djursland, you should also visit the Kattegat Centre in Grenå, which offers a different type of entertainment, featuring all kinds of fish. Sharks, rays, cod and probably many species you do not know. If you’re brave, you can get to dive with members of the Centre in a giant tank, enabling you to come in close contact with the fish. The Kattegat Centre is beautifully situated by the harbour in Grenå.

From Grenå, drive north and you’ll find the beautiful beaches and stunning wild, raw nature. Northern Djursland is filled with good, small roads, winding through fields, woods and small towns, such as Karlby, Gjerrild and Sangstrup. Djursland has everything you could want from a motorcycle holiday – but be warned, the beauty of Djursland gets right under your skin.

Suggestions of Places to Visit

  • – Trehøje in Mols Bjerge
  • – Agri Bavnehøj in Mols Bjerge
  • – Jernhatten between Balle and Dråby
  • – Gravhøje nearby Thorsø
  • – Stabelhøjene in Agri
  • – The cliffs at Sangstrup
  • – Karlby and Gjerrild
  • – Store Baunehøj in Rønde
  • – Ellemandsbjerget on Helgenæs
  • – Lushage


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