Sweden’s ICE HOTEL in the Small Village of Jukkasjärvi

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While we’ve talked about hotels that bring ‘ice’ into the picture (aka, in Quebec and Finland), this extends beyond that with more ice than you can imagine, Swedish style. What started as an exhibit from Japanese artists in the 1990s has become now, a unique travel experience for those wishing for a discerning atypical stay. Enter The Ice Hotel in SWEDEN. There is a lot of work here to construct a 18,000-square feet facility completely from ice and snow.  So yes, imagine walking into a freezer and suddenly there’s a bed in the middle of it, one where you’ll be laying your head at night.

ICEHOTEL’s ideas originate from the place we stand on; Jukkasjärvi. The river Torne that flows outside our office windows, the cold arctic climate, The Northern Lights and the Midnight Sun. Every season allow us to get inspired by the river, whether it is crystal clear ice, rapids shooting on a riverboat or a magnificent, recently caught grayling.

With Jukkasjärvi and Torne River as a starting point, develop and offer sensuous, inspiring and unique experiences within art, nature, accommodation and gastronomy. They consider it beyond a hotel, but more of an ephemeral art project.

Shared double room, incl. breakfast, warm outer clothing and guided tour of ICEHOTEL. The price is for both cold and warm accommodation. In addition to this offer, you can choose to eat a 3-course menu served on ice for SEK 450 at the time of writing this.

To spend the night at ICEHOTEL is an experience – and not like any other hotel stay. You sleep in a thermal sleeping bag on a bed built by ice blocks, a wooden frame, mattress and it is topped with reindeer skins. Surrounded by art work made of ice and snow, by artists from all over the world. In the morning you will be awakened with a cup of hot lingonberry juice.

In ICEHOTEL it never gets colder than –5 to -8ºC, regardless of the fact that the outdoor temperature sometimes drops down to -30º.  You can also combine one night in ICEHOTEL with several nights in warm accommodation for that perfect ICEHOTEL experience. They offer double and twin rooms, hotel chalets for 3-5 people, spacious and comfortable, in a Scandinavian design. Towels and bed linnen are also included.

You can experience the sensation of ICEHOTEL even during summer. In a freeze house a 120 square meters you’ll find a summer version of ICEHOTEL with three art suites, an ICEBAR by ICEHOTEL and place for guests to try ice sculpting.

ICEHOTEL is located in the small Swedish village Jukkasjärvi, 200 km above the Arctic Circle but only 15 km from Kiruna Airport (KRN) and 17 km from Kiruna train station.

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