Supernatural & Extraterrestrial Figures From Folklore I Hope We Never Run Into

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This episode of Folklore figures I hope we never run into will be more of a Supernatural and Extraterrestrial episode. I’m going to take you for a trip around the US. The first sighting was in Massachusetts.

Dover Demon

In Dover, a peaceful town in Massachusetts, three 17 year old boys were driving through the city. The headlights of the car shined on this creature. At first glance, the driver thought it was a cat or a dog, but at closer inspection, he noticed some features that no animals have.

It had a large melon shaped head, red/green eyes, (different witnesses said different things) Long, thin, spaghetti fingers, and no mouth, ears, or nose.

It was seen by 4 or 5 other teenagers. Theres a theory that its an Extraterrestrial, from a different dimension, and has some sort of energy, that only makes it visible to the young.






Next up is the Flatwoods Monster.


Flatwoods Monster

In the heart of West Virginia, the small farming town of Flatwoods, was shaken when a “UFO” crashed on one of the farms. three boys, ages 13, 12, and 10, saw a bright object fall onto a local farm. They went back to their mom, and she joined them. They headed to the farm where the UFO supposedly crashed.

Other people joined the group along the way, and when the got to the top of the hill, they saw a bright red ball of fire out in the distance. One of the kids flashed a flash light around and discovered something horrible. There was a large, 10 ft monster with stubby, claw like arms, and glowing red eyes. There was a putrid mist that made every bodies eyes and nose burn.

They creature flew at the group and quickly changed directions and flew to the red orb in the distance. Everybody ran for there lives. they told the police and all 12 people were put in the hospital. The doctor said the symptoms were similar to that of Mustard Gas. Moving on to the Famous Mothman.

The Mothman

The Mothman was a large 6 ft tall man and had a large wingspan, and two large glaring red eyes. The first sighting was in West Virginia. Two young couples were driving through an abandoned TNT factory, when they saw two glowing red dots.

They hit the brakes and, astounded, realized it was the eyes of an animal. They looked closer, saw a dead dog, and hit the gas and sped off. They were terrified. The creature chased them at speeds faster than 100 miles. A rural resident had another odd experience.

His TV cut off and he heard his dog howling outside. He grabbed a flash light, and went outside. His dog, Bandit, was circling a creature with red eyes.

Shocked, He grabbed a gun and peered out the window. He couldn’t sum up the courage to go outside, so he waited for dawn to come.

When the sun arose, his dog and the creature was no where to be seen. When he heard about the other account, he was sure the dead dog was Bandit.

The town bridge collapsed a few days later. supposedly the Mothman was there. People say, “It seems he tried to warn us about the bridge.” or ”He isn’t bad, he just wants to communicate.”

Written by Miro:

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