Super Bowl Ad & Politics?

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It seems that the “political divide” is getting deeper in many parts of the world.  It seems that political gridlock is  intensifying in the U.S.  Whenever I listen to the podcast, I  hear quite a few  comments about the  “negative” ads around the presidential election.

It seems that the Super Bowl ad has been somewhat affected by this “negative” tone. I have heard about the Chrysler ad featuring Clint Eastwood causing some discussion.  As I understand it,  some people seem to read into the wording and perceive it as something political.  I do not quite understand why it has gone so far.

I recall the conversation I had several weeks ago in which I heard politicians from the U.S. were arguing over so hard at dinner.  The person from whom I heard this story seems to have been fed up with the never-ending conflict and argument.

The US is not the only country where there seems to be continuing debate and never-ending discussion without some type of agreement and plan of action.  I realize that the issues and problems today are very complex and inter-related, making the solutions difficult to come by, not to mention to implement in a timely manner.  But we need to shift our course to take some positive and constructive argument to get something done. With a step forward, we can make it.

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