Republicans: War Is Not the Answer

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After all we spent on the war in Iraq, in money and lost lives, haven’t the Republicans figured out – that war is not the answer? They simply cannot jumpstart the economy on the back of a new war. No, no, no. There is no money left, the military is broken and there is civil disobedience in the streets. People are downtrodden. That was then, it is different now.

Woe is me after Saturday evening’s Republican candidate debate. These clowns want to start a freaking war with Iran, and use torture, or what is called waterboarding. They want to place economic sanctions on Iran; sanctions that might even violate international law and isolate the United States.

These nudniks, collectively sans Huntsman, see NO reason not to publicly rattle the sabre at Iran; while agreeing with brain surgeon Perry to zero budget all aid monies to Israel – the United States’ chief ally in the region.

Since Romney is now cavorting with Newt, he thinks that economic sanctions and hawkish tactics are a good thing. Yes sir, Cain, Bachmann and Perry advocate the use of torture for interrogation. Oops, hasn’t anyone tried to talk sense to any of them, other than Jon Huntsman and Ron Paul? Say it isn’t so, that everyone on that stage was a self-purported expert on China, other than the former US Ambassador Jon Huntsman to that country. Perry is Perry. Romney is starry eyed. Herman still thinks it is okay to diddle white girls, but fry brown men at the border. The words of his wife remind us all how delusional folks are about sex, particularly their mates.

Oh woe is me; this is a motley crew standing on the world stage to the giggles of our friends and foes around the globe. Representative Michele Bachmann thinks the war in Iraq was a gift bestowed on President Obama, sort of like a gold watch or trophy. At least, that’s what she said on Meet the Press the next morning to David Gregory.

Further, this role model for women thinks the Iraqis should pay reparations – only she forgot they have no money, and they get their money from us. And if that is not bad enough, the press corps can’t seem to see the forest from the trees. Those traveling with the President to the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit seemed to only want to talk trash to POTUS at the Sunday evening press conference blasted out on CNN. Few of their questions were about the pending trade negotiations or (remember) jobs — with the majority about Iran, torture, and the Republican debate. POTUS is out there doing his shtick to reboot the economy, and they can’t seem to focus. Next time maybe the White House should invite a handful of new media types from the blogosphere or Twitter.


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