Photos of the Week: Lebanon Landscapes

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lebanon beach trash

Lebanon is a country of contrasts and nothing displays that more than the landscapes around the country.  I was lucky enough to stay in the country for an entire month and moved around outside of the hub of Beirut.  My travels took me to old, ancient cities and ruins of Saida, Tripoli, Byblos, Anjar, and Zhale.  These trips allowed me to capture the diversity of the landscapes of the North, South, and the mountains.  You may be surprised at Lebanon’s landscapes – I sure was…

To purchase any of these photos, simply click on the image for more information.

Lebanon landscapes mosque

Lebanon Saida Citidel

Lebanon tripoli

Anjar ruins lebanon

modern beirut lebanon

Lebanon lake

Byblos Lebanon

Beirut Grafitti

Beirut Street Art

Pigeon Rock Beirut Sunset

Pigeon Rock at Sunset

lebanon zhale

Looking down on Zhale

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