Orange Hills and Blue Skies When the California Poppies Bloom in Spring


“There’s not much of a bloom this year due to the lack of rain all winter. Currently, there are only a few small poppy flowers here and there along the path” reports the Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve, which keeps its website updated daily during poppy blooming season along with a call-in number.

That call-in number let me to the poppy preserve a few years ago, just a few miles off I5. When road tripping a few extra miles can cause the neck hair to prickle. Ignore it. Imagine arriving at fields of orange, hills covered with orange and purple. Early morning with sun-saturated colors and a slight chill warmed by the sun. No one else around. You pull over. Total silence.

How to get there: The preserve is about 30 miles off of I5, near the small town of Lebec as you pass through the mountain range, south of what California road trippers call “the grapevine.”

Susie Wyshak
An SF Bay Area gal, you'll find the world I blog about includes:
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