Majorca Spain Has Activities For Every Holiday

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As soon as summer comes round, many people – not least those from Britain – jet off to Majorca Spain to escape for a while and enjoy the sun, sand and sea. Since the 1960’s, when the first custom-built resorts were created, the island has attracted people every year because of its brilliant mixture of beaches, nightlife, sun and accommodation.

Holidays from Co-op Travel give the island an irresistible charm, and it successfully receives millions of visitors every year – many whom who return time and time again.

The fact that Majorca is so popular is perhaps down to its variety of resorts, all of which provide something different. With a wealth of different attractions and characteristics, whatever type of holiday you are looking for, there is sure to be one to suit you on the Balearic Island. There are too many resorts to name individually, but these are just a handful among the most popular and attractive Majorca resorts.

Go to Alcudia for beaches galore.

The one thing on most people’s list when looking for the perfect holiday is the perfect beach on which to while away the time. Of course, many people are looking for fun-filled holidays, but some people prefer to just get away to somewhere new and enjoy the best beaches for a week or two.

If spending all day at the beach is at the top of your agenda, Alcudia is the perfect choice, as its beach stretches for miles of golden sand. The water is also safe for the children, and they can enjoy the aquatic activities while you soak up the sun.

Head to Magaluf to dance the night away.

If you want a relaxing day and a fun-filled night, look no further than Magaluf. Its central strip is lined with bars and clubs, with some of the most popular places in Majorca being situated here. It is particularly well known as a European clubbing destination, and is popular with both young Brits and old.

Palma Nova for family fun.

For a completely family-friendly resort, Palma Nova has a wide choice of everything from beaches and water sports to restaurants and bars. If you are looking for a more laid back holiday where the kids can enjoy the beach and activities, then this resort should hit the spot.

Luckily, Majorca has an abundance of resorts to choose from, with most of them being friendly to people of all ages. Co-op Travel provides excellent package holidays to suit everyone, and they are all affordable.

This was a sponsored/hosted blog post. Photo credit: Frerk Meyer

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