Joe Klamar’s Photography Exhibit Along Prague’s Ujezd

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I stumbled upon a photography exhibit of well renowned contemporary photographer Joe Klamar in Prague recently, most known for his work with the Agence France-Presse where he has primarily focused on Central Europe.

In 2009 he won the Grand Prize United Press Photo frame for Barack Obama in Prague. From what I could tell from the wide display of images in the gallery along the main drag of Prague’s Ujezd, it appears that he has photographed everything from human interest issues in Jerusalem, Johannesburg and South America to famous athletes and country presidents.

A little bit about his background:

Klamar grew up in the nízkotatranském sports resort on the tourist hut Clear Zahradky. In 1987 during a trip to Yugoslavia, he emigrated via Austria to Canada and eleven years later, he returned to Slovakia.

Below are some of the images from the exhibit:





















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