Jamaica and the Wide Open Sea

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There’s something magical about Jamaica as I knew there would be — it captured my heart in a raw and restless way, the kind of way you feel when you first begin to travel and just want to camp out somewhere for six months and write a book while you watch the world go by. That’s just how it was – edgy but soft, rooted by wild, fun but serene, and most of all, mysterious but all inviting to do and be whatever worked for you at this point of time.

Since it is a country surrounded by water, I wanted to capture the ocean’s energy that absorbs this Caribbean gem. Have time to join me on a photo adventure?

We took a boat out to a remote beach where you couldn’t find a soul (or see one) for miles. Here, we ate fresh lobster and fish under a thatched hut which was torn down when we left.

Playful dolphins swimming around our boat….

On our way back to Jake’s Resort, where we hung our hat – see my write up on 6 serenity stays which includes Jake’s.

Above, girls “play” on the bridge at Tensing Pen, a boutique luxury resort that focuses on wellness, yoga and relaxation. (also noted in the 6 serenity stay article)

Below, a lone dog on a beach and an empty bottle of Red Stripe, the island’s most infamous beer. (taken by Mary Apesos)

The below shots were taken with my fisheye lens, a long walk on the beach before the rains coated us with water.

Relaxing on the tip of the boat – Joseph’s boat to be exact.

A view from the boat…..after the rains stopped and the skies cleared…

The view from my room at Jake’s — ahhh yes, bliss!

The docks at Jake’s.

After a yoga session (and a massage) at Jackie’s, another boutique resort that focuses on wellness and yoga.




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