In Celebration of Christmas: 10 Shots of Animals Celebrating Family Bonding


The Festive Season is a time where families come together after a long year to spend quality time together. Every year we pack our bags, clean our office desk and head off for the holidays to see our loved ones.

“Christmas is not a time nor a season, but a state of mind. To cherish peace and goodwill, to be plenteous in mercy, is to have the real spirit of Christmas.” – Gavin Coolidge

December allows us a chance to reconnect with our family whether its is sharing a meal or simply just being in the same space.

In Africa, it isn’t any different. Even in the bush. Animals spend time together too.   Below are some of the photographs that show the loving bonds shared between animal families. Let’s like them, spread love amongst friends and loved ones not only now, but in everything that we do. We wish you all joy, love and peace during this festive season.


A gentle nuzzle. James Tyrrell


Feeding time. Mark Nisbet


Cheetah family under the shade of their mom. Kate Neill


A Sparta lioness carries her cub. James Tyrrell


A newborn elephant fits perfectly under its mom’s belly. James Tyrrell


Play time. Mike Sutherland


Sparta lionesses grooming. Talley Smith


Egyptian geese and their goslings. Simon Smit


A mother leopard stands guard over her cub. Mike Sutherland


The joy of birth. James Tyrrell

What are you doing for Christmas and over the holiday season? We’d love to know what you are up to!

Rich Laburn
Rich Laburn is filmmaker, photographer and writer who is based at Londolozi Game Reserve in South Africa. Spending his time capturing scenes of the wild and communicating the beauty of the African bushveld, he runs the Londolozi Blog as a way to entertain and engage people wishing to visit these wild lands.
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