How Umbrellas Are Used Around the World….

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April Showers bring May flowers.  And they also bring out the umbrellas around the world.  One of the first things that surprised me when I was traveling in Asia was that people used umbrellas when it wasn’t even raining.  I used to think it was strange, until I realized what a great way it was to shade yourself from the intense sun of Southeast Asia or the Middle East.  Now a little travel umbrella is one of my ‘must pack’ items  – they are small and helpful rain or shine!

I’ve collected a few of my favorite umbrella shots from around the world to celebrate this last day of April…and spring showers…


Colorful umbrellas in create some shade in Antalya Turkey


A unexpected shower in Oahu

umbrella monk

A monk and his sun protection in Laos

beach umbrella

Beach umbrellas dot the beach in Brazil

umbrella rain

Spectator in the rain. A woman watches a boat race in Nova Scotia in the pouring rain


One of my students in Nepal plays with an umbrella which has seen better days.

umbrellas for sale vietnam

Umbrellas on motorbikes…where else but Vietnam of course

umbrella aruba

A grass umbrella in Aruba

umbrella laos

Girls in Lao wait for the ferry in the shade of an umbrella


Seeing double umbrellas in Cambodia


Summer showers in Cork Ireland leave the street glistening.


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