Head to Melbourne’s Coastal Suburb of Brighton For a Little Color on the Beach


Brighton Beach in Australia

Although the city of Melbourne, Australia is located in very close proximity to the Southern Ocean, it’s oddly lacking in beaches, in spite of recent reports to the contrary RE: Mariah Carey’s bangin’ new beach bod.

The good news is that even if you don’t have time to visit the incredible Great Ocean Road, you can enjoy beach time without going far outside Melbourne. Take the train from Melbourne’s Flinder’s Street Station to the coastal suburb of Brighton, and walk toward the water.








Two features of Brighton Beach stand out above all others: Its proximity to Melbourne, and the brightly-colored “bathing boxes” that dot its shores.

Brightly-colored bathing boxes are the focal point of Brighton Beach

Both are what you might call conspicuous. The bathing boxes dot the beach’s foreground, while Melbourne’s impressive skyline dominates the background of the beach. Brighton Beach is certainly picturesque.

The kitschy bathing boxes are quintessentially Australian, both in their design and their very existence

I’ve heard multiple explanations as to the significance of the bathing boxes. Some have told me that the boxes are owned by Melbourne families and individuals, who use them to enjoy exclusive access to the beach.

See what I mean?

Others tell me that the beach boxes are available for shorter-term rentals, and are thus ideal for Australian holidays makers and even foreign visitors such as myself.

Brighton Beach is far from calm or idyllic

In spite of how visually appealing Brighton Beach is, it’s far from idyllic or even relaxing. In fact, you might say it’s crowded and chaotic!

Nonetheless, it's definitely possible to enjoy some rest and relaxation on this city beach

Still, Brighton Beach is the most colorful, eclectic and convenient place to enjoy beach time within close proximity of Australia’s second-largest city.

Robert Schrader

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