Food, Drinks, Movies & Giant Bronze Penises in Berlin

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We learned a lot, we (er, I) ran a lot – but Berlin still presented some fun things to do. Four more great things to take in…

1. Reacquainted ourselves with fast-food gluttony

I didn’t think I missed fast food until we caught sight of the Golden Arches in the Madrid airport on our way to Berlin. McMuffin. Bacon. Take-away counter service instead of a waiter (just about, oh, nowhere in Dakar does this). I’m surprised I got a picture of my glorious breakfast sandwich before it was devoured.

2. Acquainted ourselves with German gluttony

Excuse me, I think I need a little more celery with my Bloody Mary. This minuscule stalk will just not suffice.

Dakar has no shortage of good restaurants, but food in Berlin was even more yum. We ate at three great places in particular: the oldest restaurant in the city, which has served famed patrons such as Beethoven, Angela Merkel, and me; a Jules Verne-themed place that had awesome brunch; and a pub that gave me a cherry-flavored beer that changed my life.

3. Went to the erotikmuseum

If you’re offended by a picture of a big, bronze weiner on this blog, I’m truly sorry. Now go away.

It was cold in Berlin (great for running, not great for walking around when I’ve officially become wimpy and Senegal-blooded), so some indoor activities were necessary. Visiting a sex museum was an entertaining way to kill an afternoon. Did you know the Japanese used tied-on, reusable cloth condoms in the olden days? Use that for a ice-breaker at your next dinner party.

4. Saw a movie in English

Pre-Senegal, I would have shot myself in the toe before going to a movie on vacation. But movie-going was on my things-I-really-like-to-do list in America and Dakar has zero theaters – so one night, after all the touristy spots had closed and we’d finished up dinner and drinks – a late-night flick sounded amazing. We got popcorn and the biggest Diet Pepsi I’ve ever seen. We saw a movie called “Shame” starring Carey Mulligan and it was, er, graphic to say the least. See the above photo of the golden penis for clues.

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