Ecuador Wines On Their Way Up


Ecuador, with a population bordering the fourteen million inhabitants, is becoming one of the markets most promising and important wine consumption in South America. According to information provided by the Journal on Wine Guild Corporation, a non-profit entity, in Ecuador drank one cup per person per year in 2000 and now is coming to two bottles per capita, which implies one of the strongest growth in the continent.

Local production is still low and there are only two producers who are making wines of great  scale quality:

“Estancia Winery Chaupi”, located at 2,400 meters in the Ecuadorian Highlands. However,  the great surprise came from “BODEGA TWO HEMISPHERES OF ECUADOR” representing the Ecuadorian Coast and my city of Guayaquil, with two award-winning wines with a silver medal in the Second International Competition of Wines(“Wine Gala 2009”). This winery makes an excellent white wine(“ENIGMA”) and two red wines: “BRUMA” (my favourite), and “PARADOJA”. They are an assemblage of Carbernet Sauvignon and Malbec with varietals Pinot Noir and Merlot.

The International Wine Gala 2009 was judged by a panel of professionals from different countries: Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Chile, Uruguay, Argentina and Ecuador.

“ENIGMA”, “BRUMA”, and “PARADOJA”…..Proudly made in my city of Guayaquil!!

Mariuxi Prieto
Mariuxi Prieto has been a Naturalist Guide for the Galapagos Islands since 1991 and is based in Guayaquil Ecuador. She is also a Biologist and has received the official Wine Ambassador Certification by the the Ecuadorian Wine Guild.

Mariuxi studies Gastronomy at the very prestigious School of Chefs in Guayaquil and is also a member of the Ecuadorian Wine Guild. Additionally, she runs her own network marketing business with Agel Enterprise.
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