Guayaquil City & “Las Peñas” Neighborhood


Historically it is the most important neighborhood in Guayaquil. Located at the foot of Cerro Santa Ana, “Las Peñas” is one of Guayaquil’s first neighborhoods and home of presidents, historians, painters, writers and various other noteworthy figures in Ecuadorian history, such as the musician Antonio Neumane, the composer of the Ecuadorian National Anthem, and General Eloy Alfaro, one of Ecuador’s greatest presidents.

Originally settled in the 16th century, the city suffered several devastating fires, so the existing buildings in the neighborhood are less than 100 years old. But their characteristics and structures are very similar to those built during the XVIII and XIX century, and that is precisely the beauty and patrimonial value that they share.

The worst fire in 1896 destroyed nearly every dwelling. When the structures were rebuilt during the 20th century, great care was taken to preserve the original architecture. Over time, the neighborhood has been restored. Its houses near the riverside make it very nostalgic and it has become an important tourist destination.

The narrow cobblestone lane Numa Pompilio Llona, named after the important Ecuadorian poet and philosopher, is the location of several popular sites and next to this neighborhood, Santa Ana Hill is located. The Hill, called years ago “Cerrito Verde,” is the place where the city was originally founded in 1547.

At this present day we may find several restaurants, coffee shops, art galleries, souvenir shops and what is most important: the beautiful sight of Guayaquil City.

Mariuxi Prieto
Mariuxi Prieto has been a Naturalist Guide for the Galapagos Islands since 1991 and is based in Guayaquil Ecuador. She is also a Biologist and has received the official Wine Ambassador Certification by the the Ecuadorian Wine Guild.

Mariuxi studies Gastronomy at the very prestigious School of Chefs in Guayaquil and is also a member of the Ecuadorian Wine Guild. Additionally, she runs her own network marketing business with Agel Enterprise.
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