Ecuador Street Art: The Graffiti on Banos Streets

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Not only is Banos, Ecuador, home to pristine waterfalls, active volcanoes, adventure sports and delicious candy, it also has some impressive graffiti art. What’s interesting is that while the city itself gives off an optimistic and happy vibe through its natural beauty, cozy coffee shops and locals twisting and shaping pounds of sugar cane into colorful taffy, the graffiti takes on a dark and sometimes morbid edge.

The art has a very contrasting feel, not only to the city itself, but also to the usual political graffiti you see in many places, such as in the street art in Buenos Aires. Instead, these unworldly, cartoon-like depictions will have you perplexed, disturbed and amazed at the same time.

I took these shots while walking around the main part of the city and was really impressed with the creativity. For a better idea of graffiti in Banos, check out the gallery below.

graffiti graf3 graf4 graf5graffiti

graffiti graf8 graf9 graf11 graf12 graf13


This post was adapted from my original article on Gadling.

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