Curaçao Cliffs, Waves & Oh So Quiet Moments…

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The views are breathtaking and despite the fact that I have a perfect one before me, I decide I want to explore. It seems like the trail I’m on which goes along the ocean’s edge, will never end — not a bad thing for this bohemian spirit.

When you explore off limits and beyond boundaries, I find that you can discover a whole lotta magic when you’re least expecting it.

Awareness is always key to any transformative travel experience even at an otherwise seemingly standard 4 star property in the Caribbean, which is where the walk started.

My December visit wasn’t over crowded so I was always able to find a quiet spot, one which I only shared with some crashing waves and a few massive sized gekkos who discretely graced me with their presence at precisely the times I wanted to be undisturbed.

Like most Caribbean islands, they are harmless but everywhere.  Yet, they are a simple, pure and beautiful reminder that nature is what she is, as is her timing and there’s no point fighting it.

While I can see buildings in my view to the left as I make my way around the concrete path that follows the cliffs, to my right is nothing but wide open sea.

Known as a windy island, there’s a constant breeze in Curaçao, however it’s always warm enough that the breeze is a more of a welcoming addition than not, unlike the case in my late fall visit to Western Ireland where I longed for a fireplace more than the wind meeting my face.

I fell in love with the white washed rocks, all of which had cratered holes throughout – a bit moon-like at times. It must be appealing to the native gekkos too though it doesn’t appear to me they can hide their reptilian skin as well as more neutral colored rocks might.

The crashing waves are just loud enough to put me to sleep in that relaxing soothing way that a large sea shell’s calling winds make when you place it to your ear.  But, I don’t stop to rest just yet for I want to see what is around the corner.

More palm trees of course, an open thatched hut and a matching thatched umbrella with a few bathers hanging about.

There are views everywhere and it’s so quiet I find myself not wanting to leave – is there anywhere I really need to be I ask myself?

Most of us don’t take enough reflective moments to be so present in a destination that solitude fills your soul regardless of whether its soothing crashing waves you hear, crying babies or tooting horns.

For someone who finds it hard to meditate at the best of times, I am inspired to write more than sit although the pure silence minus those oh so lovely waves is telling me its time to sit and do absolutely nothing at all. And so, I continue walking and walking until there are no lounge chairs, no people, no footprints and no thatched huts.

Finally, there’s nothing at all except for the wide open sea….this is where I want to be, I think. This is where I need to be, I know…

Thank you Curaçao and the crashing waves for those oh so few but oh so precious magical moments.

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Note: I was a guest of the Curaçao tourism board but was not paid to or asked to write this article. The choices for topics and what I write is entirely up to me and all opinions expressed are entirely my own. 



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