Cruising with Champagne & the Sunset Along the Hawaii Coast

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If you’re planning a trip to Hawaii, you likely think of things like drinks with umbrellas, ocean walks and catching a sunset over dinner more than you think of nature walks. The place is so diverse, you can actually do both, all in the same day. After an afternoon hike on the Big Island of Hawaii and a gorgeous drive along the coast, I swept into coastal town Kawaihae, where Ocean Sports offers a number of boat trips, including a Champagne Sunset Sail.

They take you out on a Catamaran where you sail along the coast for a few hours in the late afternoon until the sun sets. You can hang out on the front of the boat sipping a Mai Tai or hang out in the back with the Captain, and take the helm under his guidance. In my case, Chris was Le Captain of the Day, who is originally from the midwest, but has been living in Hawaii for a couple of decades, preferring the Big Island over Maui which is where he first landed a job.

The cool thing is that you don’t have to think about a thing and unlike the mainland, they don’t fret over every step on the boat, but allow you to walk freely, relaxing on the deck if that’s your thing. Booze and food is on the house and unlimited so if the sunset isn’t your thing, but cruising up and down the coast over cocktails is, it’s open bar.

The refer to it as a feast on a Paniolo (that’s Hawaiian for “cowboy”) Barbeque Buffet, which includes including BBQ ribs, fried chicken, garlic mashed potatoes, two salads, rolls and dessert prepared by an award winning local chef.

Toast the elusive Green Flash with Champagne at sunset if you so desire, or stick with your Mai Tai, beer, dark rum, wine, pineapple juice or soda. I was lucky that I happened to be on a cruise that was light, meaning it was only a quarter full, so there was plenty of room to roam about freely and not interfere with someone else’s magic moment. That said, like most things you do in Hawaii, it’s pretty laid back and you make friends quickly, which adds to the fun.

The Food…






















The inside of the boat if you want to avoid the sun…












Although I would highly recommend that you spend time on the deck…























Of course, if you’d like to drive for awhile, Chris or whatever captain you end up with, will give you the wheel…













We were lucky, our Captain was kinda cute.












And, the sunset was stunning. Imagine having a job where you get to meet amazing people from around the world and take in a sunset with them every night? Not a bad gig.























Another WBTW Thumbs Up! Why wouldn’t you want to do this I guess is the question?

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