Barefoot Wallets, a Perfect Companion for the Adventure Traveler

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I met entrepreneur and founder Mark Walsh of a new company called Barefoot Wallets last year in Vancouver Canada and circled back with him this June at TBEX in Keystone Colorado to hear the progress of his creatively designed, durable wallets targeted at the adventure market.

Originally from Mississippi, Mark spends more than half his time in Antarctica. With a physics background, he is interested in science, studies weather patterns and is an ‘adventure man’ himself.  

All of that coupled with the fact that he designed the concept and wallets himself, puts Barefoot Wallets into a unique category. While the wallet company may compete with other accessory companies, they’re just far more “hipper” than what I’ve seen on the market: interesting, compelling and practical…

They’re obviously water resistant which makes them a perfect companion for adventure travel. The wallets include a hole in one corner so you can attach them to a belt buckle, a purse, a backpack or a money belt.

The other cool thing is that while they’re targeting adventure travelers who trek into the harshest conditions around the globe, 100% of the materials are made in the U.S.  To take a look at their current line up, go here.

Below are some of the samples that Mark brought to Colorado. From earth tones to bright flashy colors, to funky and fun reds and purples, the color assortment is diverse enough to appeal to any kind of traveler. There is also a slot to hold a pencil so you can jot down notes as things come up on the road.

There are currently two sizes: the smaller billfold style that will appeal to male travelers and a larger/longer one (photographed below) that will appeal to both men and women travelers. The larger one is obviously useful for holding documents, your passport and other important papers you need easy access to while traveling.




































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