Barcelona Soap, Circus, Cabaret, Comedy….and Bathubs

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Through the 26th of May, Soap: The Show is on at Barcelona’s Teatre Poliorama on La Rambla (you know, that street with the living statues, the flower stands and the pick-pockets….La Boqueria Market is down that way, too). A mixture of acrobatics, drama, dance and the burlesque, set to modern music, SOAP is well worth the entry price. Tickets start at 25 euros, and it’s a small theater, so even the bad seats aren’t so bad.

The stunning and often sexy acrobatics set to modern music (think Tool, Mika, Ben Harper and more) will not disappoint. Amazingly athletic dance and circus numbers are interpersed with comic relief by a very annoying clown, and songs by a talented opera singer. While the opera singer doesn’t do well when the show turns to her to sing non-classical melodies, and the clown really starts to wear on the nerves, SOAP is an entertaining evening on the town–highly recommended.

Check out‘s video below:

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