Bali, the Luscious Land of Magic


Paradise… I’ve been lost in paradise.. A tropical luscious land of magic embracing my being with mother love. Bali… Oh la la.. It is said, that India is the root of spirituality and Bali is the fruit of spirituality. I feel that here, so strongly. It’s quite amazing how immediately upon landing I was sucked in to a vortex of powerful grounding energy. I landed 3 weeks ago and have been in Ubud, loving the creative atmosphere, surrounded by musicians and all sorts of artists. I feel as if I am in heaven, dancing to the Gods.

Samia Shalabi
Samia Shalabi is a Seattle based artist & designer, yogi and traveler who has roots in the Middle-East, was raised in the middle-west and is drawn to India. She has a degree in geology, has traveled all over the world with a backpack, and believes in following her dreams. Samia does yoga most mornings, enjoys walks around Seattle, loves to laugh, and daydreams about where to travel next. She is working on a movie shoot in France.
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