Beyond Bali, One Magical Land

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It’s been a ‘take your breath away’ kind of few months. My life is with the wind these days and I am, once again, on my way to India.  After 2 months in Bali and 2 days in Bangkok, I am sitting in the airport, reflecting.

ceremony in Bali

ceremony in Bali

blue sunset, Bali
Bali is one magical land, where even the word enchanted doesn’t mean much.  I have found it to be a beautiful place to ground my wandering soul and make beauty with my art.  From the luscious green of the jungle to the bright green of the rice paddies, the gentle flow of the feminine steeps in to every bit of everything.  The soft rolling land and the kind people of Bali with their smiling faces and eyes, make me feel welcome. I often say the lush green reminds me of the place I was born, (Wisconsin) in the green of the summer. As I  think back on the last two months, my mind thinks nothing but positive thoughts, from jewelry making to journeying. But alas with my big love for Bali, I am still drawn to India.

It has been 14 years since I first landed in India. I have visited the same number of times. I am still excited about the energy it brings to my soul.  The vibration of Ma India.. boom boom.. Can’t wait to see you soon!
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