Apple Still Ahead in the Tablet Wars

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AppleApple’s favorable survey on its tablet popularity could be a good indicator of things to come.

According to technology research firm Gartner, Apple, with its wonder tablet and iOS combo, will continue to dominate the market for the next few years with Android-based tablets playing a very close second.

According to Gartner’s figures, Apple will have over 50% of the pie until 2015 where it’s projected to have a 47.1 market share.

Overall sales of iDevices will also have a big boost from 17,610,000 sold in 2010 to 294,093,000 in four years’ time with Apple leading the pack.


As for Google, Apple’s closest competitor, things are looking very promising, too. From 2010’s share of 14.2, it will be having 38.6% of the market by 2015. Sure it’s still a long way off Apple’s but it’s already looking pretty impressive knowing that you have a big chunk of the other half of the market.

Meanwhile, competing brands like WebOs, MeeGo and QNX, will battle it out for the remaining 10% share until 2015.

Bottom line is, these are all projections based on current trends. A lot of factors and things can still happen a few years from now and what’s written in the above chart may not be neccessarily so when 2015 arrives. Still, it’s looking deliciously sweet for Apple, and yes, Google, and looking bitterly cold for the rest of the other competitors.

One thing is certain, the tablet wars are starting to heat up!


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