A Visual Walk Through Delhi With Photographer Jagdev Singh


New Delhi is a city close to my heart as I have spent so much time there. It is of course a massive metropolis, bustling with many people, many sub-cultures, many moods. I was intrigued by these photos by photographer Jagdev Singh, who has captured some of the many faces and places of Delhi, and asked him to do a guest photo essay. The effect of his photos is striking, no? Enjoy.

 About Jagdev Singh

A post graduate in management with a bachelor’s degree in engineering, Jagdev Singh is a freelance photographer living in New Delhi, India. He loves to capture the moments and moods from people’s daily life.

Mariellen Ward
Mariellen Ward is a freelance travel writer whose personal style is informed by a background in journalism, a dedication to yoga and a passion for sharing the beauty of India's culture and wisdom with the world. She has traveled for about a year altogether in India and publishes an India travel blog, Breathedreamgo.com. Mariellen also writes for magazines and newspapers.
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