A Visual Journey: Dreaming of 8 Far Away Places to Explore in 2013


As the New Year lurks around the corner, I often go to sleep wondering what opportunities might come my way in 2013.  I know, only too well, that these are much too ambitious dreams for a single year, but as the Spanish would say, soñar no cuesta nada, to dream costs nothing. So here goes for dreaming of far away places.

1. Watch the Northern Lights

Northern Lights photos, images of northern lights, northern lights pictures

2. Canada 

I’d love to be there through autumn and lose myself in the colors of Canada.

Canada autumn, Canada country photos, Canada photo gallery

3. Experiment with Slow Travel

Ordu Turkey, Turkey people photos, Turkey photos

4. Volunteer Travel in Northeast India

Assam photos, Assam photo, Assam tea

5. Revisit Southeast Asia

Vietnam photos, Vietnam photo gallery

6. Go on a Working Holiday

norway photos, norway pictures, Norway photo gallery

7. Discover New Zealand

New Zealand photos, New Zealand photo gallery, New Zealand images

Postcard country. Photo from New Zealand tourism Facebook page.

8. Witness Autumn in Japan

Oh, the cherry blossom country!

Japan photo gallery, cherry blossom Japan, cherry blossom tree Japan

Shivya Nath
Shivya Nath is an Indian girl who fell in love with traveling, writing and social media. The first is the most thrilling, because being from a protective Indian family means every travel plan comes with a small battle. She says, "I’m not complaining. At my age, few from my hometown have traveled as much and as independently as me."

She juggles work, travel and blogging, until she finds the perfect blend of the three. Join her on her journeys around the world, as she seeks the most untouched, undiscovered of places that few have been to, and even fewer have written out.
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