10 Wildlife Photos Certain To Make You Plan a Trip to the African Bush

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These images taken in South Africa caught our attention whether it was because they were the most striking or in some cases more unusual. Although it is summer and the bright colours of the bush and its greenery stand out in some of the images, there are also a few monochrome pictures that seemed to be popular with the photographers who took them.

There is a mix of subjects from elephants, lions, leopard, zebra, cheetah, a beautiful weaver, a giraffe drinking water with perfectly captured water droplets and my personal favourite, elephants walking along the road taken from Ximpalapala Koppie. Enjoy!


A swirl of water. Michael Johnson.

Sean Cress

An overheating Mashaba female seeks shade and a slight breeze in the canopy of a Marula tree, with her eyes towards a nearby herd of impala. Sean Cresswell

Cheetah Don

A cheetah scans the bush around him from his vantage point on a fallen tree. Don Heyneke


Weavers – the master architects of nest building. Michael Johnson


The moment the lions realise that this elephant really does mean business. Amy Attenborough


A zebra and her foal peer out from their dazzle. James Tyrrell


The Mashaba female, the perfect predator, silent and stealthy blending into the evening darkness. Trevor Ryan McCall-Peat

Chase JT

The chase. A male of the Styx Pride chases after a female of the Sparta pride. James Tyrrell


The serenity of the bushveld is perfectly complimented by the gentle presence of elephants. Michael Johnson


An inquisitive young elephant bull sniffs the air as the wind swirls. Simon Smit

Photographed by: James Tyrrell, Michael Johnson, Sean Cresswell, Simon Smit, Trevor Ryan McCall-Peat and Amy Attenborough




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