10 Incredible Travel Photography Sites Worth Noting

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Whether you’re a regular traveler or not, unique and beautiful travel photography can excite, motivate and inspire. Travel photography blogs can help you research your next trip, reminisce about your favorite holiday or inspire you to explore somewhere completely new. Whatever your travel history or plans, these blogs are the perfect way to indulge in wanderlust.

photography blogs

Photo courtesy of Stuck in Customs.

1. Stuck In Customs

Though the name conjures up one of the most horrendous aspects of travel, Stuck in Customs is filled with photos of the best travel has to offer. Trey Ratcliffe has a true talent for photography, and his images, from the Great Wall of China to the mountains of New Zealand, will make you want to pack your bags ASAP.

photography blogs

Photo courtesy of Seattle’s Travels

2. Seattle’s Travels

Canadian wanderer Seattle has traveled across vast swathes the globe, and her blog Seattle’s Travels reflects that. Search by destination or adventure form to soak up her pictures. The site also includes plenty of advice for travelers, especially those seeing the world solo.

photography blogs

Photo courtesy of Alex in Wanderland

3. Alex In Wanderland

Four years ago, native New Yorker Alex left the US to travel the world, documenting her adventures through photography on her blog Alex in Wanderland. Her passion for travel is infectious and her travel map is astounding. A crisp, lovely site design also makes her blog a special one for travel photography.

photography blogs

Photo courtesy of Ken Kaminesky.

4. Ken Kaminesky

Ken Kaminesky’s eye for the remarkable is immediately apparent when looking at his photos. Ken takes luscious, hyper-detailed pictures of sights around the world, with subjects ranging from culture to nature to people at work. His cityscapes are wonderful, but his nature photography is particularly rich.

photography blogs

Photo courtesy of The Legendary Adventures of Anna.

5. The Legendary Adventures Of Anna

Anna’s blog The Legendary Adventures of Anna is a playful reflection on the joys of travel.  She provides a range of useful travel and dining tips, especially for the Americas, and her images of Iceland are particularly special.

photography blogs

Photo courtesy of Paris in Four Months.

6. Paris In Four Months

There are a lot of Paris blogs out there, but Paris in Four Months reigns supreme. Swedish Carin moved to Paris in 2012, originally for just four months, but has lived in the City of Lights ever since. Her blog is an ode to the beauty of Paris, from streetscapes to pâtisseries to fashion.

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Photo courtesy of TravelFREAK

7. TravelFREAK

Jeremy, a talented mixologist as well as the creator of TravelFREAK, wants you to quit your job, and he’ll stop at nothing to get you to do so, even tempting you with beautiful wanderlust-inducing photos. With a focus on transformative and adventure travel, you’ll immediately be booking your next plane ticket — most likely while perusing one of his photo essays.

8. Kirsten Alana

First things first, Kirsten Alana’s site design is incredibly beautiful. But beyond graphics, her photographs, which vary from quirky snapshots of culture to pure images of nature, are simply beautiful. Her shots of skies are particular highlights.

photography blogs

Photo courtesy of Farfelue.

9. Farfelue

It’s hard to make Paris look bad, but Farfelue knows how to make Paris look perfect. While Faye’s blog is great for its Paris city guide and travel hints, the highlight is her photos, which capture the French capital at its glittering finest.

photography blogs

Photo courtesy of Beers and Beans.

10. Beers And Beans

Beers and Beans is one of the most comprehensive travel photography sites out there. If you’re planning a trip, click through for plenty of advice on travel hints, destination details, volunteering and more. Their photographs are joyful, varied and inspiring too.

What are your favorite travel photography blogs? Please share in the comments below.

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