A Winter Retreat to the Dominican Republic


There aren’t too many people who would turn down the chance to spend some time on any of those beautiful, sun-kissed Caribbean islands. If you’re one of the millions of people taking a vacation in this part of the world this year then you’re definitely in for the trip of a lifetime.

From the laid-back vibe of Jamaica to the beach-lover’s slice of heaven known as the Dominican Republic – find your favorite island, relax and have fun.

caribbean vacations

Beautiful beaches in Punta Cana

When To Go, What To Pack

The Caribbean Islands are blessed with an abundance of sunshine all year round, but if you’re looking to dramatically decrease your chance of rainfall then the December to April season is the best time to visit. That being said, you’ll much find lower prices outside of the peak season and, although there is a chance of rain ,it shouldn’t last too long or spoil your vacation too much. It is of course going to be hot so swimwear, light clothing and a light jacket to combat the slight dip in evening temperatures are all that’s required. The dress code is relaxed, comfortable and best of all for a vacation destination, informal.

Choose Your Island

Visitors have around 700 islands to choose from, but it’s still the big names that draw the crowds. The Dominican Republic is well regarded as standing head and shoulders above all others when it comes to popularity. Likely, this is due to its sheer number of beautiful beaches.

Luckily, almost all of the islands will offer those pale white sands, warm sea waters and gently swaying palms trees in which to take a little shade. If the beauty factor of your beach is important then consider Anguilla, the Cayman Islands and the British Virgin Islands as well as the incomparable Turks and Caicos.

It’s definitely a myth that one beach looks much the same as another, and you only need to glimpse Shoal Bay in Anguilla or Crane Beach in Barbados to see why it’s easy to fall in love with this part of the world.

Brown footed Booby

A Brown footed Booby in the Cayman Islands

When Night Falls

Once the day is over and you’ve had your fill of sunbathing, scuba-diving and swimming beneath waterfalls, it’s time to experience the nightlife. This means heading to those waterfront restaurants to dine on the freshest lobster or spicy, curried goat dishes washed down with locally produced wine or a rum punch cocktail.

If you’re in Jamaica, visit cliff-side restaurants such as the Rockhouse Restaurant and Bar, where dining on the terrace will allow you to witness those incredible sunsets. The nightlife can be as intimate or as lively as you wish and there are plenty of atmospheric little jazz bars, live music venues, nightclubs and of course if it’s a party atmosphere you require then the absolute capital of bars, Puerto Rico, deserves a mention.

These tropical islands will offer something to suit every taste as long as your taste runs to paradise-like beaches, a few weeks of hot sunshine and definitely one of the world’s most fun atmospheres.

What’s your favorite Caribbean experience? Please share in the comments below.

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