Celebrate Pride in Taipei at Largest LGBT Pride Parade in Asia

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Asia’s largest and most colorful Gay Pride Parade is held on the last Saturday in October in Taipei each year. This year, Taipei’s annual Pride Parade is happening on October 25, 2014.

The parade attracts tens of thousands of local supporters and visitors from abroad each year. Over 65,000 people participated in the 2012 Pride Parade. Last year Taipei’s Pride Parade attracted more than 67,000 supporters. Parade organizers are expecting even more visitors to show their support for the LGBT community this year!

Taiwan is one of the most progressive countries in Asia, and it has long been known for being gay-friendly. Equal rights is a huge issue in Taiwan, and Taipei’s Pride Parade serves as a colorful reminder that showing respect for sexual diversity and equal rights is important to everyone.

The parade starts at the Presidential Building at Ketagalan Boulevard, and typically follows the same route each year. The whole event takes around two hours, so wear comfortable shoes and bring water with you.

You can expect plenty of entertainment with elaborate floats, bubble machines, marching groups, drag queens, giant rainbow colored flags and banners, and music.

This year, please show your support for Taiwan’s LGBT community and say no to discrimination and bullying. For more information, please visit the LGBT Pride Taiwan website and  Taiwan LGBT Pride on Facebook.

Taiwan Pride 2011-15

Taiwan Pride 2009_6544

Taiwan Pride 2011-62

Taiwan Pride 2011-19

Taiwan Pride 2011-7

Taiwan Pride 2011-3

Taiwan Pride 2011-2


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